Empowering communities, shaping a sustainable legacy

The Cariboo Gold Project was founded on the belief that it’s possible to create jobs and economic opportunity, invest in the future of our communities, and protect the environment. It’s more than just a mining project – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build on the legacy of mining in the Cariboo Region and provide long-term economic, social, and environmental benefits for the local community and our Indigenous partners.

At a glance

The Cariboo Gold Project is a proposed new underground gold mine in British Columbia’s Cariboo Regional District. The project has two main locations: the mine site in Wells, BC, and the QR Mill site, southeast of Quesnel, where ore concentrate will be processed.

The project will create hundreds of well-paying, safe, long-term jobs, support local businesses, and contribute to economic diversification. It will be planned collaboratively with the surrounding community and Indigenous partners.

With a minimal above-ground footprint, the project will be a Canadian leader in sustainability, innovation and technology. The project’s above-ground footprint in Wells and at the QR Mill site has been planned to maximize the usage of land used by previous mining projects, minimizing impact on the land. Land will be progressively reclaimed, returning it to a natural state.

Our approach to mining

Osisko Development is involved in, and plans for, the entire life cycle of each mining operation. We understand what it takes to find a mineable resource, develop, and operate a mine, and reclaim a site after mining is complete. Part of this is being willing to listen and get creative. We are always looking for innovative ways to build and expand mining operations that use new technologies.

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Osisko Development is committed to building and maintaining relationships based on trust and reciprocity through open dialogue with our Indigenous partners, local communities, and regulatory agencies. We endeavour to ensure that there are mutual benefits for all stakeholders, communities, and our Indigenous partners, to create a lasting legacy for the future.

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our values

At Osisko Development, our commitment is to protect the environment, building and strengthening partnerships with Indigenous nations, and creating economic opportunities . These commitments reflect our core values, guide all aspects of our work and define our culture. Learn more about our commitments to:

Environmental Stewardship

Indigenous Nations Partnerships

Economic Development

The Commodity – Gold (Au)

Gold is an extremely versatile and reusable metal – in addition to jewellery, it’s used extensively in finance, electronics, aerospace, and medicine.

Metal from this mine could be used in anything from wedding bands to thermal protection for a spacecraft, to electronics, to understanding the immune system through immunogold electron microscopy

According to recent data, Canada is the world’s fourth largest gold-producing country, and British Columbia is Canada’s third largest gold-producing province or territory, following Ontario and Quebec, producing around 9% of Canada’s gold output.

Economic Benefits

The Cariboo Gold Project is expected to create ~500 jobs and drive economic activity in the province of BC over its lifetime. Our goal is to hire up to 75% of our workforce from within the Cariboo and Fraser-Fort George Regional Districts. Through our Sustainable Workforce Initiative, we are dedicated to providing training and on-the-job experience to give people the opportunities to benefit from careers in mining.

We are also committed to investing in local communities. Since 2016, Osisko Development has supported infrastructure priorities identified by the District of Wells, community organizations and events, and continues to help build a diversified local economy. We are working to ensure Wells is a great place to live and work for local residents, and our valued employees.

The Opportunity

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