Project Status

Environmental Assessment

The Cariboo Gold Project received its environmental assessment from the Environmental Assessment Office of the Province of British Columbia on October 10, 2023.


On May 8, 2023, Osisko Development Corp. (ODV) announced the signing of the Process Charter and the Joint Information Requirements Table for the Cariboo Gold Project.  

The Process Charter, signed with the BC Major Mines Office, establishes a work plan for cooperation between ODV and various BC Ministries, committing all parties to a defined regulatory permitting process timeline as it relates to the Project.  

The Joint Information Requirements Table, signed with the Ministry of Energy, the Mines and Low-Carbon Innovation and the Ministry of Environment, outlines and serves as a single list of all agreed upon information requirements, supporting the development of a robust Permit Application for submission, and may result in additional information requests, subject to the application review process.  

Osisko Development submitted the Joint Permit Application for BC Mines Act and BC Environmental Management Act permits for the Cariboo Gold Project on May 31, 2023. On September 19, the Application passed screening and entered into Application Review. A detailed schedule of review and response has been agreed to by Osisko and the Major Mines Office.  

A public comment period on the Application will be open in November 2023 for 30 days.

Project Phases  

  1. Permitting
  2. Phase 1 Construction
  3. Phase 1 Operations
  4. Phase 2 Construction
  5. Phase 2 Operations
  6. Active Closure
  7. Post Closure

Monitoring Locations

The project has two main locations.  

  • The Mine Site at the edge of Wells, BC.
  • Will include a Mine Services Building and associated facilities.  
  • The QR Mill Site, southeast of Quesnel.
  • Will include a tailings storage facility.

Noise monitoring equipment has been installed in Wells at the following locations:  

  • Blair Ave  
  • Bowman Crescent  
  • Solibakke Drive  
  • Weather Station on the ODV camp by the main office