Protecting local habitats, water and air quality

A rich natural heritage: Situated in the Cariboo Region, in the heart of the BC interior, the mine is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty that we will take every measure to protect.

We are safeguarding wildlife by adhering to the Province of BC’s comprehensive Environmental Assessment process. This process involves the protection of critical habitats, movement corridors, and minimizing animal interactions. Additionally, our deliberate choice of a previously disturbed site helps minimize any impact on untouched habitats.
We are safeguarding water resources through investments in advanced Water Treatment Plants, ensuring compliance with stringent provincial and federal standards for aquatic life protection, and adopting filtered tailings for enhanced reclamation and the elimination of tailings dams.
We are ensuring air quality through various measures, including investments in technology and processes that maintain optimal air standards and mitigate emissions.

Lower carbon emissions

Mining done right: Our investments in industry-leading technology position Cariboo Gold to stand out from the pack as one of the most sustainable projects in Canada. Major commitments include:

Improving energy efficiency in all our operations through innovation and technology including treating and reusing mine water, moving to filtered tailings, and using cleaner sources of energy
Investing in an electric vehicle fleet and equipment, including the use of electric roadheaders to tunnel efficiently and safely, minimizing impacts on surrounding rock structures, noise, and vibrations. We will employ electric trucks on-site and use our electric-power underground Rail-Veyor that is capable of transporting a remarkable 3,000 tonnes of rock and ore daily.

Our commitment to electric vehicles is just one way we are using innovative technology to lower our impact on the environment around us and build a modern and sustainable mine.