Opportunities for current and future generations

A Foundation of Trust and Respect: Osisko Development is proud of the strong relationships we’ve built, over many years, based on mutual trust and respect. For the Cariboo Gold Project, we are engaging directly with Indigenous nations, supporting Traditional Land Use Studies, and building respectful relationships with Indigenous people as a matter of first priority. 

Ongoing dialogue

Path to Meaningful Reconciliation: We respectfully acknowledge that our Cariboo Gold Project properties are located within the unceded Traditional territories of our Indigenous partners, Lhtako Dené Nation, Xatśūll First Nation, and Williams Lake First Nation. We are honoured to live and work in their ancestral lands and are proud to continue to enrich and build our relationships with their communities and leadership, on the path to reconciliation.

Ongoing Collaboration with Lhtako Dené Nation

Life of Project Agreement: In 2020, we signed a Life of Project Agreement with Lhtako Dené Nation that establishes a framework for Osisko Development and Lhtako Dené Nation to work together. The agreement covers project development, support for community programming and  business and employment opportunities for current and future generations of the Lhtako Dené Nation .

Increasing Stewardship Capacity

We are working in partnership with Lhtako Dené Nation to increase stewardship capacity for the management of key species within Lhtako Dené Nation traditional territory. We aim to set a new best practice for Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) commitments that upholds the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and creates meaningful reconciliation.

Collaboration with the Xatśūll First Nation

In 2017, we signed an interim relationship agreement with Xatśūll First Nation, and since then, we have collaborated directly with the Nation and supported various projects such as a Traditional Land Use Study. We are now in ongoing and productive discussions with Xatśūll First Nation on a Participation Agreement.

Participation Agreement with the Williams Lake First Nation

In 2022, we signed a Participation Agreement with the Williams Lake First Nation that represents an important milestone in our relationship and supports our mutual vision to develop a socially and environmentally sustainable project.