Environmental Assessment

The Cariboo Gold Project is subject to review under the BC Environmental Assessment Act, 2018 and the review is being led by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). The Project entered the Early Engagement Phase in May 2020 and has an accepted Project Description and Section 13 order.  

The EAO hosted a Public Engagement and Comment Period during the Early Engagement Phase and prepared a Summary of Engagement that summarizes public comments, outlines Indigenous nations’ interests in the project area, and identifies key issues and concerns identified by technical advisors based on their review of the Initial Project Description and supplemental information submitted by BGM. The information in this report helps inform the development of a Detailed Project Description.

The Project is not identified as a reviewable project under the Federal Impact Assessment Act.

Summary of Engagement

The Environmental Assessment Certificate was granted in October, 2023.

  • Construction Environmental Management Plan
  • Care and Maintenance Plan
  • Environmental Effect Management Plan
  • Caribou Mitigation and Monitoring Plan
  • Air Quality Management Plan
  • Community Effects Management Plan
  • Human Health Monitoring and Management Plan
  • Drinking Water and Water Treatment Plan`
  • Health and Medical Services Plan
  • End Land Use Plan
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan`
  • Aquatic Effects Monitoring Plan